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The Worst Habits of Clients

In design as well as most fields, clients may be a real pain to deal with on many levels. Although professionalism is required as a designer when engaging with clients, designers do have pet peeves just like other human beings! This blog post is not meant to bash clients, it just mentions the annoying habits that individuals such as clients have when they communicate with designers on how they want their product to come out. One of the first negative habits that clients may demonstrate is the demand for great designs for an extremely low price. I understand that this just grinds on designer’s nerves. When a person does not understand what design is worth, it gets annoying. If a person’s work is good enough, then clients should set prices that are worth a person’s time. Another frustrating tactic that clients try to use on designers is when they want to see a finished design before they pay. Cautiousness is   greatly encouraged on the designer’s part when this request is put out there, because one may try to steal a designer’s idea without giving full payment in return. Many other frustrating issues occur in the design world such as: not planning the payment/design upfront, slow payments, forcing a designer to use low quality work, asking the designer to make “that type bigger” and many other pet peeves exist. Although these things are very frustrating, designers must learn to problem solve and be professional not only with their work, but also with their clients.