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Can Traveling Make You a Better Designer?

Pack your bags and grab your passports, because it’s time to give your new and upcoming designs a fresh, global touch. No matter what your goal as a designer is, embarking on an adventurous journey will offer infinite, inspiring opportunities that are simply too enriching to resist.

Discovering the world allows us to unleash more of our creative potential by giving us distinctive perspectives to current trends and by bringing awareness to design from an international context, without having to be online all the time.

Take the London Design Museum, for instance. Maybe you will find inspiration from noticing different interpretations of design styles. Or maybe you’ll travel to Switzerland and discover creative advertisements in public transportation sites and malls. You can even venture to natural gems, like the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls in Iceland, the Paria Canyon in Arizona, or the Sa Pa mountain in Vietnam, and study colors and textures that you could integrate into your own work.

Since great design exists everywhere, it is refreshing to become receptive and open-minded to our surroundings, and take in new senses, details, and connections. Exploring allows us to create our best work and becomes the spark to ignite our creative fire.