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Writing for Designers

Before taking the Writing for Designers course I suppose I had some amount of awareness of how important writing is to the fields of design and art. But little did I know just how important having a deep understanding and skill in writing is to being a successful designer. Artists and designers alike must be able to communicate their ideas to whatever audience they are aiming at. I have always thought that it is an amazing thing when an artist can explain his or her theory in an effective way when their work is a blank canvas, or other such minimal or conceptual art.

The core of any art work or design lies within the theory and ideas behind it. Otherwise it is just shapes and color on a screen or canvas. Being able to articulate those ideas and transmit them to your viewer in written form is a key skill for every designer. I am beginning to see just how prevalent writing is in the design field. From preparing design proposals to writing design content to justifying your own work or critiquing others; writing appears again and again in any designer’s experience.

Graphic design is surely a jack of all trades profession, and writing is another of the many skills necessary to becoming a great designer. I encourage anyone who wants to become a graphic designer to explore the many ways in which writing is used in the field. A graphic designer’s primary tool is communication and the written word is the most direct and, and sometimes the most effective way to communicate any idea.

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