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The Importance of Design When “Yes” Isn’t Enough

If I asked you to name the best examples of strong branding, I’m sure the first place your mind goes to isn’t college acceptance packets. Interestingly enough, however, if you take a look back at your acceptance packets, a lot of them will have really strong visual and verbal identities. Why is this? Shouldn’t a yes be enough? According to Brigid Lawler, dean of admissions at Marlboro College, “The admittance packet is supposed to be representative of the institution’s personality.” Visually stimulating or not, the packet is a person’s first glance into what it feels like to be a student at that institution—a dull packet translates into a dull personality. And who wants to go a dull school?

Now more than ever, companies from every industry—not just universities—are realizing the importance of good design and branding. Design choices impact many of our own thoughts, from something as simple as to how we perceive a company’s value to even the important decisions, like how we feel about potential colleges. Do you have any examples of how strong design and branding has influenced you?