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Where Graphic Design Meets Social Media

How often do you check your social media every day? According to an article written by Lauren Davidson, a digital reporter at The Telegraph, “the average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 4 minutes browsing these networks every day.” So what does this mean for designers?

As social networking sites continue to permeate the digital world, graphic design serves as the online citadel for businesses and brands. Connecting with target audiences, maximizing social presence, boosting professional first impressions, and crafting high-quality content are just a few tasks a graphic designer can easily do, and for businesses, this means everything.

Without a doubt, this industry will not only increase in importance, but will continue to become more vital to companies that use social media, as well as users, who will demand more creative content. Whether it is by creating appealing ads, eye-catching feeds on Instagram, or developing an engaging website to link to a profile, graphic designers have the power to do it all.

After all, designers can use social media to their advantage, and can strengthen brands, build trust with consumers and clients, and make businesses appear more interactive and recognizable. Facilitating creative communication with networking platforms can also be used as a social strategy to increase company awareness and client base copiously.

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