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All about Helmut Krone

While looking for information for writing the final research paper I found that a book was released about the life and design of Helmut Krone.  It’s entitled “Helmut Krone.  The book.”  and is now out for sale.  I have read that it’s about “what advertising could be if we were all geniuses”.  Do we really have to be geniuses to have a good design?  Can’t good design come from a fresh perspective of something?  I’m not attacking or downplaying Krone’s abilities especially now that I’m still learning about him and his work.  However trying to force yourself to be a genius in design just makes the design and design process less meaningful and fun.  I’d say that the person has a good ability or knowledge of the field, I don’t know if I could call someone a genius.  If designers were all geniuses, then simple but effective designs wouldn’t be appreciated.  Sometimes simple is better, without all of the genius flare or hype.  Just the ramblings of a non-genius.

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