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Surrealism in Furniture

Have you ever thought about a relationship of surrealism and furniture? Everyday human dreams. Dreams can occur during sleep. In order to sleep comfortably, human needs furniture. Furniture provides us comfort. Usually, furniture art is based on nature. In a house, furniture is a bridge to connect people with nature. Designer Stephanie Marine creates furniture as a means of “one with nature”. Nature is one of the key themes of surrealism. The furniture designed by Stephanie conveys the shape of pebbles in nature and philosophies of surrealism.

Take a look into surrealism. According to Wikipedia, surrealism, born of the political ideology of Karl Marx and the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud, is one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century.

The furniture of pebbles shape imitating the nature environment offer us motifs that were quickly adapted for use in design. In particular, the surrealist concept represented for the unconscious and nature enhances the style, the function, and the image of furniture.

Pebble Furniture