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Personalities role in design

We as human beings all have different personality traits. This can be due to our different upbringings, cultural backgrounds, and how we interact with the world we live in. Personality in design is huge because personality greatly influences our decision-making process, and it can be a powerful tool in the discipline of graphic design. Personality can draw us closer to certain people as well as repel us from others. When designing our personalities are constantly being showcased within the work that gets produced. This is something that I love the most about the field of design, in the sense that we all have something special and different that can be brought to the community. Someone that has a euphoric personality might design completely different than someone who has more of an introverted personality. These differences translated into design can appeal to two different demographics of designers or consumers, this is why I feel personality is important in terms of design.

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  1. Bianca Panyanouvong wrote:

    Yes, I agree with you that personality plays an important role in the design field. Without these different personality traits that influence our creative process, designs would be similar to each other and bland.

    Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 5:37 pm | Permalink