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2012 Olympic logo and issues of design

The 2012 Olympic logo has been creating a storm of comments and many that are quite negative. ABC news ran an article here that highlights the designers intention and some of the responses. This article set off a bunch of red flags, first regarding the following quote about how a competition would have been better. “The criticism ranged wide. Many called the expensive price tag a waste of money, claiming that a national competition would have been more appropriate than using an expensive professional agency. Others balked at the design because it failed to capture the British spirit, saying the design was a source of collective embarrassment rather than pride.” This type of competition sounds an awful lot like speculative work, a big no-no in the graphic design field, so who is really suggesting it?

Second, You can’t please everyone all the time. Just like with political elections, while 46% of votes go to one and 49% to the other, that leave 46%of people not happy. With the design of the Olympic logo, it certainly is liked by the Olympic committee, or at least the majority of it.

Finally, that difficult art is not limited to the fine arts community. Difficult art is art that is requires more than a glance to appreciate or understand. It may take more time and thought than most people are willing to offer it. This logo at first may turn people off by it’s abstract nature and bright colors, but if given the chance there may be traits worthy of mention. It’s throw back styling is reminisant of grafiti or 80’s design cues. I see that appropriate for reaching the younger culture, as what is old is now new again. The skinny jean, converse, and punk rock t-shirts are all brought to mind when thinking ogf this logo and London.  I say job well done, I may even get a hat with the logo on it.

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