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New York Lights

I recently went to New York for pleasure with friends, and we were all sitting in Times Square. Looking around, I noticed the many billboards with lights. The different billboards with designs, and I came across a big screen with the advertisement for Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola ad, caught my attention, because it had three lines in the middle, flowing like a river, and the Coca-Cola was just flowing. It was really amazing, especially since it had was under the night sky and surrounded by so many billboard lights. I feel that although, the billboard was not a traditional method of design, it still made an impact on the viewer, and I consider it as modern art. Modern art nowadays, use a lot of technology, such as lights, cameras, etc. I felt that it was very nice to walk through Times Square, and it was also like walking through a muesuem. The only thing was that it was a muesuem of advertisements, rather than just art pieces.