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Intuit: How Design-Thinking Drives Business

“Talking and thinking about design wouldn’t accomplish much if it didn’t show up in our products.” -Brad Smith

Now more than ever, our world as consumers is oversaturated with options. How does a company stand out?

For Intuit, the financial technology company of Mint and TurboTax, success comes from being a design-driven company. Realistically, most people don’t think of financial software as something particularly exciting, emotional, or design-driven. Intuit recognizes this and is actively working to change that perception with its “design for delight” philosophy.

With this philosophy, the company increased its number of designers by nearly 600%, began holding design conferences, and started hosting talks with successful product designers to share insights with employees. Brad Smith, Intuit’s CEO and creator of the “design for delight” philosophy, doesn’t believe in design-thinking being limited to just designers, challenging every employee to think about how they can implement design in their lives.

Is this philosophy helping the business? Smith says yes, citing that the company has a “greater than 60% market share, whereas [Intuit’s] next-largest competitor is at 18%.” That’s a pretty impressive statistic.

Overall, I commend Intuit for changing the game in how a financial technology company builds its products. Ease of use and intuitiveness comes with good design, and so it’s refreshing to see a company recognize design’s importance.

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