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This App Will Change Your Life

Making vectors, especially of complex patterns or drawings, can be pretty intimidating sometimes. I know for me, there have been so many instances where I’ve been discouraged from designing with analog anything solely because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of vectorizing it.

The Adobe Capture CC app was a game-changer though. *cue angels singing*

Using your phone’s camera, it turns photos into vector shapes, color themes, patterns, materials, and even brushes. It’s an extremely powerful tool that automates some pretty time-consuming processes.


In my opinion, the mobile app enables users to be designers all the time. Here’s what I mean: There have been so many moments where I’ll admire the colors in the sky or a patch of flowers on the side of the road. Instead of simply passing the scene by, I’ll pull out my phone to have Adobe Capture make color swatches that I can use in the future. The app syncs up with your Creative Cloud account, so anything you create can get sent directly to their desktop or laptop. It’s pretty great.

(Above shows how the app can take a simple drawing, vectorize it, and send it directly to your desktop via Creative Cloud)

Adobe Capture CC enables you to turn your design-driven thinking into action.