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Just Your Type

When looking at graphic design, many people tend to overlook and forget about the thoughtful details that go into making a particular work successful. Typography especially, is a game-changer in the design world, and has the power to effectively impact a target audience.

Understanding the importance of typography is essential for new and upcoming designers, no matter how experienced they are. Choosing the right typeface carefully and considerably can also change the way an audience perceives a design—just like color and graphics. Selecting a strong font can influence appeal, evoke personal emotions, serve as a catalyst for communication, create visual attraction, convey informative hierarchy, and establish consistency to the target market.

Overall, typography plays a dynamic role in graphic design, and can impact an audience and brand persuasively. These seemingly miniscule details truly add up and help to guide the viewers while increasing trustworthiness and recognition to designers. The execution of strong typography may ultimately tie the connection between a target market and design by making messages appear clearer, by highlighting important information, and by elevating its value. By making smart options in type, designers may use it as a tool to combine visual and verbal language to enhance communication.