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The Perfect Companion for a Creative

Graphic designers use rulers to achieve precise measurements, draw lines, and precise cutting with an x-acto knife.  The problem is that the standard ruler only has inches and centimeters but also lacks pica measurements that are used for print and pixel measurements. Designers who work with all four units are either good at mental math or own multiple rulers. The inconvenience of having a bunch of rulers is what inspired Axel Lindmarker and Jens Marklund to create the ultimate ruler for designers known as the Lindlund ruler. The ruler contains four measurements of inches, centimeters, picas, and pixels. There is also a central window with iPhone and iPad screen dimensions that can aid designers in sketching ideas for mobile devices. Most designers brainstorm their ideas with pencil and paper and the Lindlund ruler aims to save you time on digital revisions by keeping sketches in the correct scale.

Made from aluminum and comes in two different colors

Pixel edge compatible with iPhone, iPhone plus, and iPad 

You can find more information on kickstarter.