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The Evolution of Logo Design

           Apple has become the most famous trademark in the world. However, have you seen the first apple logo when it was first designed? I found this infographic from the article, “The Evolution of Logo Design” that shows the changes of logo design over time from big name company’s like Apple. There were some things I notice how logos have changed over time. One thing I notice is that most logos back then were much more complex and designed with a circular emblem. Examples of those designs are Apple, Ford, IBM, BBC, Nokia, and Volkswagen. Compared to today’s logos, they are much more simpler and following the trend of minimalism. Another thing I notice is that most of them were in black and white. I can understand because most design back then were created from sketches using pencils, pen, or other written utensils. Nowadays, the designs are made by computers, and the different variety of colors adds more variations to the logos, making them stand out more.

           As a graphic design major, this infographic is intriguing because it lets me witness the history of logo design. It’s amazing how there were graphic designers like us back in the days. With only pen, paper, and pencils, they were able to create logo designs just like today’s graphic designers. I’ve always thought that graphic design was something new because most logos I see are made from computers. With the evolution of logo design, I can see how logos have change. What are some things you noticed that are different from past logo designs?

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