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Politics & Design Evaluation

We couldn’t say that winning elections is all about having a good logo.

As a graphic designer’s points of view, we can compare Hillary’s logo with Trump’s logo for US presidential campaign. According to Michael Bierut in an essay for Design Observer, he mentioned that the simple geometry of the H-plus-arrow wasn’t enough to represent Hillary Clinton’s graphic identity. Also, he said, “We had spent months developing a logo, Trump had spent years building a brand.”

The right arrow mark in the middle position is pointing a certain direction, but it doesn’t tell people where we are going or where Hillary is going. It shows me an ambiguous and disconnected image from reality. If Michael designs this same logo for Trump, it will become ridiculous in public opinion. If Hillary Clinton wins the election, the logo will be described as rigid, characterless, sharp and pointy.

Let’s go into Trump’s logo. The letter of “T” and “P” are interlocked with five red stripes to represent the American flag. It looks like the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger. It is familiar with Americans’ lives. Because Trump became the U.S. president, do I have a positive perspective for the logo?