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Have you heard of “It’s Nice That”?

Like many of my peers in design, I spend a decent amount of time trawling the internet for inspiration and ideas. Of course, this can lead to dangerous and distracting time-wasting, or it can result in something truly wonderful– for me, recently, it led me to the metaphorical jackpot hidden in the recesses of the web. I found a website branded as “It’s Nice That” (, an impeccably designed site aimed at displaying works and ideas that creatives in the arts are making and presenting. Organized by arts category and incredibly easy to navigate, “It’s Nice That” offers a comprehensive source for news about graphic design, giving me a one-stop-shop for inspiration in any one of their fine-tuned articles. The articles in the “graphic design” category range in subject, from delving into an analysis of some business’ rebranding to recommendations to check out interesting graphic designers. The content is right up my alley, and I know I’m not the only one who needs a little help in the creativity department sometimes.