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Let’s Talk Sans Serif

If you’re a graphic designer, you most likely know you are expected to understand the difference between serif and sans serif letterforms and when it is appropriate to use them. However, when perceiving typography in design today, sans serif typefaces serve as the popular selection for designers. Since the Bauhaus design movement in the 1920’s, fonts without serifs have gradually gained widespread recognition.

Sans serif fonts are chosen after carefully considering its potential usage, audience, and treatments. Additionally, they are viewed as modern, casual, and legible. Like serif, script, and decorative type styles, there are different classifications for sans serif typefaces. For instance, Grotesque (Gothic), Square, Humanistic, and Geometric are a few of the different types of sans serif typefaces.

With many options and font families to choose from, designers can narrow their choices down by considering their target audience. For instance, sans serif fonts for an infographic promoting modern causes and issues in America may be more suitable in contrast to an elegant wedding invitation.

Having a knowledgeable understanding about the typefaces designers have to work with will become the foundation for building presence as a graphic designer, and will help to distinguish the different categories of fonts available to use.

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