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Clients and Questions

I’m planning to start free-lancing soon, and have been unsure what initial questions to ask clients for an optimal start in the design process. After researching online, I found some helpful starter questions from ThoughtCo that could benefit those new to working with clients.

Target Audience: Who is your client trying to reach? Taking in your client’s customer’s age, location, gender, and other factors are important, to tailor your design.

Message: What is your client trying to get across to their customers and what words describe their values and product or service? Their answers will help you develop the style for your design.

Specs: What are the dimensions, number or pages, color or black and white printing, & paper stock needed for the design? If your client doesn’t know the specifications, this question is a great lead into helping your client figure out the right specs for their needs.

Budget: What’s your client’s budget? You need to know what your client can provide financially before you start designing. You don’t want to go over the budget or not develop the best design possible by going under budget.

Deadline: Is there a specific date the project needs to get done or will it be completed at its own pace? Remember to not rush yourself in the schedule and give yourself time. If the client wants a rush job, you can always add on a rush fee.

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