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After Graduation, What’s Next?

What’s next for GMU Art & Visual Technology students after graduation? As an AVT student with a concentration in photography, I often wonder what my next phase of life will look like after graduation. I hope to combine my new credential with my current career in IT, then maybe branch off into web design. But I’m still considering other options, because, well, there are so many!

 A degree in photography can easily cross over into other disciplines such as graphic design or web development. And so I’ve compiled a list of possible photography-related careers to help you consider your options. Have you thought about a career as an art therapist working with the Wounded Warrior program? Or starting a custom portrait business? Or traveling the world writing for Lonely Planet? Maybe you’d like to venture off into film, graphic art, or web design? Maybe you prefer to be a self-employed freelancer or employed for a museum, gallery, or government agency. The options really are endless! The list below is just a sampling of possibilities to consider!  

  1. Aerial Photographer
  2. Antiques Photographer
  3. Architectural Photographer
  4. Archival Photographer
  5. Art Dealer
  6. Art Director
  7. Art Teacher
  8. Art Therapist
  9. Baby Photographer
  10. Book Author
  11. Camera Operator
  12. Cinematographer
  13. College Professor
  14. Commercial Photographer
  15. Consultant
  16. Corporation Photographer
  17. Curator
  18. Documentary Photographer
  19. Fashion Photographer
  20. Film Developer
  21. Film Editor
  22. Filmmaker
  23. Fine Art Photographer
  24. Food and Product Photographer
  25. Forensic Photographer
  26. Freelance photographer
  27. Gallery Owner
  28. Government Photographer
  29. Graphic Artist
  30. Greeting Card Designer
  31. Law Enforcement Photographer
  32. Legal Photographer
  33. Lighting Designer
  34. Lithographic Photographer
  35. Magazine Photographer
  36. Medical Photographer
  37. Multi-media Artist
  38. Museum Curator
  39. Museum Director
  40. Museum Photographer
  41. Musician Photographer
  42. Photo Editor
  43. Photo Historian
  44. Photojournalist
  45. Photo Researcher
  46. Photo Restoration
  47. Photo Stylist
  48. Photographer Self-employed
  49. Photographic Engineer
  50. Photography Teacher
  51. Photojournalist
  52. Portrait Photographer
  53. Presidential Photographer
  54. Product Photographer
  55. Online Instructor
  56. Real Estate Photographer
  57. School Photographer
  58. Scientific Photographer
  59. Stock Photographer
  60. Travel Writer-Photographer
  61. YouTube Rock Star
  62. Web Site Designer
  63. Wedding Photographer
  64. Wildlife Photographer
  65. Workshop Instructor