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Nothing annoys me more than junk mail

Every day I get home from school and open my mailbox, and 95% of the time it is stuffed with junk mail and advertisements. Quality paper with gallons of ink injected in, plastered with typography boasting to “get your lawn treated,” or to “join the club at Gold’s Gym!” Hah, no thanks. I take care of my lawn like an adult, and I most certainly don’t need to pay 30$ a month to do what’s easily done in my living room. This mail goes directly into the recycle.

If you’re like me, there’s nothing more irritating than wasteful practices. Americans are known for their wastefulness, and it saddens me that we have this bad reputation. We put such a burden on the planet as a result of our high-production society. Recently, I’ve been researching ways to reduce my impact, and I happened upon this website:¬†

This site gives you ways to take yourself off of prescreened telemarketing call lists, manage what you receive in your mailbox, and even moderate your e-mail. When it comes to changing bad practices, it just takes time for people to become self-aware and to act.

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