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Why I Chose University Over Art School

“So what made you decide to go to Mason instead of an art institution?”

It’s my third year at George Mason, and I’ve gotten that question more times than I can count. When I was a senior in high school deciding on what college I wanted to attend, I definitely spent a lot of time weighing the options. Here’re the top three reasons why I decided to attend a traditional four-year university over an art institution:

  1. Finances – Getting an education is important, but it can be extremely expensive. Traditional universities tend to have more financial aid and scholarship options.
  2. “Traditional College” Experiences – Being an active member of Greek Life has helped me grow not only socially, but also career wise with all the different connections I’ve made. The different clubs and organizations on campus are platforms to grow your network and have fun!
  3. Multidisciplinary Academics – Although general education requirements can take away from time in the studio, taking classes outside the realm of art can help diversity your skill-set. I’ve had interviewers tell me that my business minor made me stand out amongst other designers.

Ultimately, both traditional universities and art institutions have their pros and cons. What made you decide to choose Mason?