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Pixel Passports

As gaming systems become more powerful, graphics become more clear and realistic, and the gaming experience become more immersive and engaging like in Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn and many more. You feel as though you’re in the video game world and this is how designer and illustrator, Anna Dittmer feels as she creates physical stamps from her favorite video game places. Her idea is based on Japanese memorial stamps that can be collected at historic sites or places of interest which makes a wonderful designed keepsake. Anna decided to bring both interests of her love for Japanese RPG video games and hand lettering in creating Pixel Passports.

Below are some of my favorite stamps Anna Dittmer created. They take me back to the video games I have played!

Industrial City Hamelin from Ni no Kuni- Wrath of the White Witch

Deling City from Final Fantasy VIII

Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64

You can view more of her stamps on her website: