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I <3 Graphic Design

I Love Graphic Design

I Love Graphic Design

I Love Graphic Design, the self explanatory title for the piece done by graphic designer Thomas Dufranne, is a personal piece that is both urban and fresh. Although flat by nature, the bold black in contrast with the soft blues and pinks creates a pop in this piece that is only heightened by the bold outlines. The unique type face with its overlapping bubble style furthers this piece’s connection to its graffiti roots and creates a tension that the piece is pushing and pulling itself. Its soft edges and bright color palette gives the piece a feminine look; and the way the piece is composed creates an intestine look. Although a well designed piece, upon closer inspection, the execution could be improved as sharp edges occur among the text. Continuing with the image of the intestines the top of the piece would flow better if it was thicker, and the “x” in the “e” is unnecessary. Otherwise, overall a very satisfying piece.

One Comment

  1. jandos wrote:

    Nice evocative language. Does the “x” in the “e” suggest death? Eyes are often drawn as x’s in cartoons to suggest the character is no longer alive.

    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 6:32 am | Permalink