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3 Reasons to be Happy as a Designer

It’s Thanksgiving and there is a lot to be thankful about.

Whether you are just now starting off as a student, or already have an existing career in the field, there are plenty of reasons to be happy as a graphic designer!

1. You get paid for being creative.

While design is a procedural discipline, it also gives you endless opportunities to be actively creative.

2. You’ll never stop learning.

Your work will continue to improve and evolve. Like Paula Scher once said, “it’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”

3. Every day is different.

A graphic design career can take you to places you never thought possible; you will be facing new creative challenges constantly and encountering many wonderful opportunities for yourself and with other creatives.

With good design always in demand, you have the power to make a positive difference in the world through your work. Additionally, you learn to become business minded and get to see people interact with your work physically and emotionally.

Ultimately, as a graphic designer, you’ll change the way you see the world and gain new inspiration every single day. Now, how amazing is that?