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Good Habits When Working

Long hours seem to be the norm for many Americans in the workforce. And although these jobs come with many benefits, they can come at the cost of your physical health. For example, sitting within a cubicle for long hours can lead to bad posture if you don’t realign yourself every so often.

Getting up to stretch and move around every hour or so can help improve circulation and keep the body from feeling stiff. People are even going a step further than this and using standing desks, so that they burn calories while they work, and they don’t have to get up every hour or so to fight the effects of atrophy. I personally do yoga to stay flexible and coordinated. Yoga also helps me calm down mentally, relieving stress and calming my nerves.

Although it’s enticing to go to the coffee machine, too much caffein will slow you down in the long run. If you’re feeling drowsy try drinking a glass of cold water and walking around for a bit to stimulate your brain, and put you back into focus.

One thing I’ve been focusing more on with my work habits is scheduling events and due dates accurately. If I have my dates set with the information that I need, I’ll know what’s due when and decrease my chances of missing an assignment. Scheduling doesn’t take long to do and gives something importance, causing you to remember it. Just like taking notes while reading a book, putting it in writing gives it significance and, therefore, memorable.

Stay consistent with your good habits, too! Slipping eventually happens with the passing of time. Just remind yourself of the benefits of these and you’ll never take them for granted.