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Branding A Strategy


Did you know that having a strong brand package can improve the growth of you company? A brand can be a color, logo, slogan, or all of them. However, in the article “Branding Guides: Take the Guessing Out of Design,” it explains that branding is “the experience that your customers walk away with from your business.” By having a good customer experience, it will continue to having repeating customers. I like the example they used when they talked about how Starbucks developed their brand experience. “It’s because they are not selling you a cup of coffee. They are selling you their brand experience.” However, by using a branding guide, it can create a strategy for the design.

A brand guide is a document which a web developer or designer may use to help understand the company’s brand and theme. This will allow a designer to work with the company’s successful brand. To me, I like this idea, because this helps the designer to gain experience and learn different methods and ways for making a successful brand. Not only that, but the designer will have less stress and frustration for coming up with a new effective designs or logo. All the designer needs to do is just to update it and follow the theme of the brand, and the designer will get paid for it.

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    Always good to collect reliable sources! Thanks.

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