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Another Semester

Another semester is coming to a close for me, along with some of the most enjoyable classes I’ve had at George Mason. I won’t point out which classes but two of them are requirements for my B.A. in Graphic Design. These classes taught me the importance of internal and external education.


I firmly believe that to be successful you must learn to become independent and trust your gut. But you must learn from someone else before you can learn to trust yourself. I’ve had past professors that tell me to “figure it out by myself”. I would always feel confused and a little discouraged since I had no idea what to change in my work. When I would stare at one of my projects I knew something was off in a design but I didn’t have any knowledge of why I needed to change it. I wished that my professors would have explained the why and how of what makes a design work. Not with examples found by professionals but with my own work or someone learning.


True, you won’t always have your professors to provide feedback on that final draft to deliver to a client. College is preparing us to be confident in our knowledge and abilities. Though I still have my doubts when it comes to my own work, I find that revising my work beyond what the professor suggests helps long-term. Its what is expected from us in the real world so its best to start now. How I learned this was not being left in the dark by my professor. Instead I came to this conclusion from receiving feedback on my work. By internalizing the parts of my designs my professor would point out, I began checking these elements in all my work. Then I would go online to read up on these issues knowing what exactly what was the problem. Giving constructive criticism on other people’s work can help improve the way you look at your own work too. In that way you become a teacher and realize what your strengths are in design.


I look back on this semester as one of tremendous personal growth. College is the perfect place and time to be exploring your assets and areas to improve on. Now I believe I’m a more confident designer than I was at the beginning of the semester.


  1. Diana Contreras wrote:

    I agree, I feel like I’ve learned and grown a lot during this semester. It’s a bitter sweet feeling seeing it come to an end (mostly sweet). The only reason I get bothered with professors saying “figure it out” is that I have so much work for all my other courses and sometimes I don’t have time to figure it out! Other than that, its been a great semester.

    Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 5:07 pm | Permalink
  2. Maryam Nozary wrote:

    I can relate to this a lot! It’s difficult for me to trust my gut and explore my creative talent. I feel like we grow up with structure from our teachers and not much room to grow and do things on our own and in college, especially design or art major, we are required to explore ourselves a little more. Can be both fun and scary at the same time.

    Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 8:52 am | Permalink
  3. Genesis Canicosa wrote:

    I think this is also a different college experience for us designers as well, because in the real world, our success comes mostly from our personal work and experience, not as much as the GPA and theoretical knowledge. It feels good that at the end of each semester we have physical proof in our projects as our growth.

    Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 11:09 pm | Permalink