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Snapchat, a new art form?

I confess. I am guilty of being a slave to the modern world of social networking. If you’re part of this guilt train, Snapchat may be the root of your shame. Snapchat allows users to capture their daily life and keep their followers up to date through its many features. Originally, Snapchat was just a means to send temporary pictures or videos, but it has evolved since then. The addition of creating “stories,” the abundance “filters,” and the unlimited possibilities with with emoji and stickers has created a new canvas for the masses.

Stories are a culmination of posts a user makes throughout the day, in which the series of media are stitched together in one. Some users would craft the wildest and even most abstract cinematography, and come up with innovative ways to post creative content. When broken down, emojis are basically shapes and icons that have a sense of familiarity, and the usage of these forms to create another work can be compared to the era of pop art.
Snapchat can be a means of blurring the lines of “high” art and “low” culture.

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