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The Best Graphic Design Firms For You

As students, we may take on freelance opportunities and use projects in class to express our personal design style. However, once we graduate, some of us may go out to work for a design agency. There are many options, so it may help to start looking for what agencies best fit your design style and values. Here are just three renowned agencies. For more, check out this “50 Best Graphic Design Firms in the World”.

  1. Firstborn – the New York agency started by Michael Ferdman in 1997, covers apps, 3D models, websites and “just about anything else that takes advantage of digital technology.” The client list include PepsiCo, M&M’s, Puma, and Ford. Firstborn’s clear digital mission for “design and innovation”, has won them over 200 awards, including a Cannes Gold Lion for its work with clothing company Uniqlo.
  2. Monumento – the Mexican “supermodernist” agency uses sleek and sophisticated styles to create work that will “brave the test of time.” The agency believes “simplicity works” and their solutions are always skillfully minimalistic to “strive for modern culture.” Some clients include modern magazines like Folio and Pocketmag.
  3. Go Media – the Cleveland-based agency was founded by Wilson Revehl and William Beach in 2003. Go Media is known for its passionate design, creativity, and meaningful idea. The agency promises, “No matter what the medium, [its] staff of seasoned designers applies a keen eye and a compelling aesthetic to achieve head-turning results.”

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  1. Genesis Canicosa wrote:

    This is very helpful! I feel like its important to be with a company that fits your personal style, because it’ll motivate you to work harder.

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