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Random Rebranding: The Donkey Sanctuary!

Rebranding projects are perhaps the most exciting and gratifying works that a designer could ever be part of–or at least that’s what I think. A past rebranding project showcases the wonderful fruition of a new identity for a DONKEY SANCTUARY! It seemed quite bizarre for me to imagine, but I found the results sophisticated and appealing.



These are just a few examples of the rebrand material that I absolutely adore. What I find most appealing about the ones I’m sharing are, the close up features of the donkey along with the texts. It makes for a tactile, delightful and yet meticulous composition.

From the color scheme to the new logo, the cohesiveness of the new identity was quite successful too. The rebrand helped increase donations by 76% in July/August period compared to the same period in the year prior. As one can see from the before-and-after shots, rebranding is quite an aesthetically pleasing endeavor. While the affect it may have on the client’s mission is an even greater reward!