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4 things every design student needs


Even if you do not drink coffee, the implication by this option is that there are many late nights ahead. Choose your poison to keep yourself alert whether it is sugar, coffee, tea, or even just a strong will.


The hardest part about designing is getting started. Graphic design is not a field of instant gratification. Similar to writing you have to make many drafts before you reach a refined final product. The first time around—it will suck. The important part about any project is to embrace the suck and work though it. Have confidence in that it will get better with a little tender loving care.

Thick skin:

Opinions about your work will always be subjective. Something that you may be proud of may not be what the client envisioned. Designers are constantly faced with rejection and criticism, so we just have to learn to take it in stride and use it to grow better as a designer.


It’s important to build a community around you. People that are going through the same things that you are and have the same knowledge of your field. If you have peers you can get extra feedback from people with a trained eye that you can trust.