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Roll for Feelings

Tabletop roleplaying games (or RPGs) have a reputation for being confusing and taking forever to set up and play. Dungeons & Dragons, for instance, has long play sessions and even longer over-arching games — some have even been playing their same game for literal decades. RPGs are a great creative outlet, but the daunting legacy behind them often turns away any potential player.

So what if I told you there was an RPG that could be summed up in a singular graphic? Introducing Lasers & Feelings! This game has all the rules, set-up, and world-building all on one simple, well-organized image.

In Lasers & Feelings, you’re part of a crew navigating space. Your goal is to protect the worlds from all the dangers of space, but your captain has been overcome with some strange affliction, and the players are left to fend for themselves. The players create characters and customize their ship, on which they traverse time and space. The game encourages improvisation and quick, easy characterization on the players’ parts. The game was created by John Harper, who is a graphic designer as well as a game creator. This explains the neat nature of this graphic…and the smart choice in fonts.

You can check out Lasers & Feelings here — it’s free! Go play it with your friends!

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