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Vote or Shut Up!

The AIGA’s “Get Out The Vote 2016” campaign was a call for artist to submit inspiration designs of posters to encourage people to vote. One of the designs was called the Vote or Shut Up poster; this poster is a United States flag that the artist drew the word vote with a speech bubble saying, ‘or shut up!’. This poster shows the reader how the artist feels about getting people to go vote. The viewer gets the sense the artist wants them to go vote, but if they don’t vote the artists thinks the viewer shouldn’t speak about the election.


The strong wording the artist used to persuade the viewer that they should vote or shut up if they don’t go vote is distracting from the point of the piece. There is a time and place for telling people to shut up and yelling at people through a poster is not the best way to get people to listen to your message. The choice to put the words on an American flag was the artist’s way of trying to convey a sense of patriotism to get people to go vote in the election. Using a symbol like the flag shows the viewer how the author thought this election was an important point in our county’s history. Again, the author used a visual representation to remind the viewer of the obligation to vote in the election.

Lastly, while looking at the craft of the piece as a whole, the piece looks like a child drew it on an old sheet of paper. The lines on the whole piece give it a sloppy unfinished look which detracts from the message the author is trying to get across, and then the coloring job in Photoshop is not clean and the artist failed to stay inside the lines. These flaws in the piece give it a feeling of being unfinished or childish in creation, which leads the viewer to question whether they should listen to a poster. All of the choices the artist made with the piece leave the viewer with too many unanswered questions and assumptions.

Going forward with this design, it would work if the artist cleaned it up and made it look more professional. By cleaning up the artistry of the product, the artist will be able to convey a better message to the viewer and encourage more people to vote.