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Earth Without Art is Eh

Art is easily one of the most controversial career choices you can pursue. In an aesthetics course we discussed how majority of people are driven to pursue careers that will produce money instead of choosing a career path based on passion. Art is a passion driven field, there are a lot of uncertainties within it so many people don’t recommend it or approve of it due to the assumption that there is no money in it. Art is extremely necessary and around us 24-7. We don’t typically recognizing it or acknowledge it but its there, products, technology, sports & entertainment, culture, ect. Art is necessary for our senses. Life would be unbearable without it. Can you imagine what our world would look like without, for example, graphic design? Everything we view in the world around us has had some artistic plan or decision, everything we see out in society was put together by someone who, designer or not, was striving to make it look appealing. As humans we strive to make life exciting and visually pleasing. We easily dismiss art as unimportant because we don’t perceive the influence it has on us, design that goes unnoticed is good design.