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Design and Illustration: an Alluring Match

Graphic design and illustration are two separate yet comparable arts and are often used in their own independent ways. For example, when we think of design, we think of streamlined type and images on a website or publications, and when we think of illustration we often think of comics or children’s books. These two fields used to be more closely linked in the past when many posters and advertisements were mainly hand-drawn illustrations. And even now, there are times illustrations and design come together and create something great.

Adding a well-made illustration to a design can change something from plain or ordinary into something more visually captivating. Personally, I always love when illustrations are used in place of photographs, illustrated work makes it interesting to notice details when I think that someone deliberately worked hard to draw them in. Using illustrations breaks the limits of what could be photographed, making anything possible in a different way than a photoshopped picture would. Adding type and colors that complement the illustration make the whole design flow more.

Most publications these days use photographs and simple vector images which, is fine, since it generally works very well. Still, when I see something with a drawing or illustration it sticks out to me much more than other design works, and I find myself appreciating the image, be it on a flyer for a local event, or an ad for a fancy product.


  1. sficarro wrote:

    I have to agree that a really well-executed illustration stands out more. Stylistically Images are more mainstream because they are often cheaper to produce and less time consuming so to see illustrations like the ones you chose is so nice. It is definitely eye-catching and ads something to the design when done well.

    Friday, March 2, 2018 at 3:08 pm | Permalink
  2. zpalmer2 wrote:

    As a photo major I think that there are amazing designs that use photographs and would not be the same if replaced with illustrations. They are two whole different mediums that can’t be compared each bring separate elements into design that the other cannot. Of course there are the “standard/easy” way to use photography in design that are less successful but that is also the case with illustrations. Again two separate mediums that do not replace each other and cannot necessarily be compared on a general level. Some projects may work better with one or the other but it doesn’t mean the other is not capable of being successful in design.

    Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 4:52 pm | Permalink