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Befriending Satan

Regardless of whether or not you think web design is Satan, every graphic designer needs to befriend it. Due to the rapid expansion of the internet over the past few years, graphic designers are now expected to be able to code. Upcoming graphic designers are upset with this new expectation that requires them to learn a new language, triggering their hatred for web design.

Unfortunately, graphic designers cannot escape from web design. Regardless of the concentration in graphic design you want to work in, it is hard to find a job without prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. Learning these two programming languages is not as intimidating as it first seems and, with enough practice, will allow for several new job opportunities.

Make sure you are aware of all of the other elements you need to know as designer by reading “what do designers need to know,” an article by AIGA laying out the formal concepts, methods, theories, and techniques that all graphic designers are responsible for learning.