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The Silent Activists

Almost every great movement begins with tragedy. February 14, Valentine’s Day, 17 members of the Stoneman Douglas High School community were shot and killed by a gunman, the most recent in a string of violent mass shootings. Although activists have spent the better part of the decade pushing for stricter gun control legislation, the students of Stoneman Douglas refuse to be silenced.

They are hosting the “March for our Lives” in protest of gun lobbyists’ influence on public officers. This is a common public relations tactic to promote social causes because it draws mass media attention.

Many graphic designers believe that design plays an instrumental role in creating social change. Here is the logo for the cause.

By creating a logo for the march, the organizers give the event its own unique identity and ensure that it remains memorable throughout history. People will put the logo on stickers, shirts, and other marketing material. Though silent—the artist for the march’s logo is unknown—design is one of the most memorable elements of any movement.