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Dropbox Update was Made for Designers

As a graphic designer and a student, I can appreciate the branding update to the file sharing and storage website, Dropbox. The overhaul went into effect October of 2017 and included an updated logo, typeface, color palette, and visual design for the website.

The company’s design release page focuses a lot on the idea of making the brand one “where creative energy flows.” Perhaps the company is attempting to cater more to the interest of creative professionals? The page highlights: the modern, responsive web design; a conceptual and visual redesign of the logo; use of contrasting color palettes; and the versatility of Dropbox’s new typeface, Sharp Grotesk, with its 259 fonts. The visual updates carry the site and brand to match the modern style of the 2010s, which the company sorely needed. As a student that uses Dropbox’s service, it was nice to see the company follow in similar suit of its competitors, like Google Drive, in having a sleek and intuitive website design.

Beyond the visuals of the redesign, I found the promotional materials that came along with the update interesting to read. The design release page illustrates the visual changes made to the branding of the company through the use of motion graphics and responsive web design. Additionally, Dropbox’s branding page describes the effective use of the company’s logo and glyphs.

If you’re a student looking at file sharing and storing services, consider checking out Dropbox because its new look works.

For and overview of the technical changes that came with the update: check this page out