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iTunes and Podcasts

Many of us use iTunes. Actually, I’m pretty sure anyone who listens to music and is living in this century uses iTunes for whatever reason. I’ve also recently discovered that iTunes has a lot of features that are commonly overlooked, one of those is podcasts.

Podcasts always sounded a bit weird to me. However they’re an incredibly valuable resource, as there are podcasts on thousands of things, ranging from rose gardening to workout tips. After doing some investigating, I discovered that there are a LOT of podcasts dealing with graphic design. Most of them are produced by actual working designers, design firms, or organizations dealing with design.

Here are a few good ones if you want to give it a shot; it seems like an odd way to learn more about design, but they’re actually interesting to listen to, especially when you’re working on some kind of project and need background noise.

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum podcast

Typeradio podcast (about typography- actually pretty interesting)

PRI: Design for the Real World

Voices of Design