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Who Says Designers Can’t Make Money!

William Paterson is a hand lettering and logo designer on YouTube. He released a video in 2016 about how to make money as a graphic designer and a few things you can do to achieve passive income. He mentions that having a specificity in your field helps to attract a narrow group of clientele. This could be beneficial but also work against you due to how wide your range of skills go. I agree with his thoughts on passive income, for client work can have a very unsteady influx. Having designs online for digital income is one of the best and easiest ways to receive money without having to worry about inventory of items. Another way Paterson mentions to earn money is by teaching graphic design. Although not everyone can teach, if you have enough knowledge about design you could easily teach a specific topic within the design field.

To learn more, below is a video on further details from Paterson about earning money.