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Don’t Leave Me Hanging!

Across all fields of study students will agree that getting an internship or a job in your field is vital to getting a job right out of college. But as most students figure out quickly, getting a job is no walk in the park. So I was pretty happy to hear back from a potential employer at a proposal company that they would love to hire me as an intern designer. I was to be paid per project. I would gain real world experience. This was a great opportunity and I was eager to get my hands on it. After a phone interview and email discussion, they told me that I got the job!… or so they claimed. After completing and sending the necessary forms to my employer, I was notified that I would receive my first assignment in two to three weeks. That was back in August 2017. It is now the beginning of February 2018, and I have yet to get any assignment that I was promised. Over five months have gone by and I haven’t even gotten a response to my emails about the lack of communication. I’m used to being stood up by dates, but being stood up professionally is crushing in a whole new way. I’m not sure why companies take designers for granted, but this is on a new level. Back to applying to more jobs I guess.

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  1. zworrell wrote:

    I’m sorry about that internship. Odds are you’re going to find one waaay better in the future! I think this speaks a lot about the importance of communication in our field. Did you ever end up reaching out to them to “check in”? I’ve done that before and gotten the job.

    Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 7:27 am | Permalink