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Facebook.. really?

Facebook has become very popular over the last few years with its simple design and appeal to college students. However, the popular networking site is doing way too much nowadays in terms of design and membership rules. The design of the site continues to change, and every time it does there is negative feedback from Facebook users. Some even argue that the site is trying to be more like Myspace because of all the new applications that have become a part of Facebook. I get tired of getting a million different application requests every time I log into Facebook. Also, the old version of Facebook required that you be a college student or be invited by someone who already has an account in order to obtain membership. The new Facebook allows any and everybody to join; all you have to do is sign-up from the homepage.

I miss the old version of Facebook… the design was much better using the beauty of simplicity, and there weren’t so many little kids thinking they’re grown because they got a Facebook account.