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As a Client for a Designer

If you’re planning on being a client for a designer, then there are two details you should know regarding making a request.

The first is that the designer doesn’t know you, and you don’t know the designer. You literally just met a professional who is not your friend in anyway. If you want to designer to give you the ideal design, list down every detail you are expecting and maybe even sketch it out. Also, every designer has distinctive styles and themes, but not every one of them can do what you may ask. You may be expecting a pirate-themed design, but the designer actually creates sci-fi related design. If that is the case, do not force them to create what they cannot do.


Secondly and lastly, patience and payment are important because high quality designs cannot be made and rushed that easily. It is very important to pay attention to the time it takes to finish a design and how much it will cost. Again, don’t expect too much out of designers, especially if it involves rushing them to finish your design early. If you do, you may be charged more than the cost of making design itself.