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Type that Transcends

Let’s talk about Stranger Things: Specifically, the incredible designers we find behind the show and its typefaces. The Stranger Things opening credit sequence brings in waves of nostalgia due to the TV show’s opening credits typeface, ITC Benguiat. Please, do yourself a favor and view their awesome opening sequence here: Stranger Things Title Sequence

This typeface is the same one used in the old children’s book series “Choose Your Own Adventure”.

The Duffer Brothers (the show’s creators) really wanted the title sequence to take viewers back in time to middle school where quite a few of us remember reading these paperback books — or ones like them. Ed Benguiat, the creator of this stellar typeface, has made over 600 fonts and designed numerous well known logos and movie titles we’ve all seen in the 20th century. Surprisingly, even though his typeface is very well known, Benguiat himself is not. The Duffer brothers have never heard of the man behind the typeface they used, and Benguiat — being an 80 year old man — has never heard of Stranger Things either. Regardless, I’m glad the two found one another because I couldn’t see this TV show being represented by any other typeface.

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