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How many of you guys share your creative content on social media? I’m sure a good portion of you do, which is great. Social media allows us to have the perfect platform on which to display key pieces we’ve made and allow people to get a feel for our design presence. Unfortunately, one of the key photo sharing apps we’re familiar with today just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Instagram seems to have a problem with reducing the image quality of someone’s post greatly. Many users will take photos with a DSLR camera and post really high resolution photos, but after it’s added to their profile the quality just doesn’t seem up to par. I’m here as a humble messenger to help you avoid posting your awesome Photoshop masterpieces or mock ups of your work on Instagram, so that you won’t be heartbroken later on when you see the quality reduced to nothingness.

If you’d like to retain a presence on social media, I can 100% vouch for Facebook and Flickr’s image quality maintenance. These apps definitely retain a lot of photo quality, so if you do decide to post some of your works — as long as you save them as a high resolution photo, they will definitely appear that way.  Perhaps Instagram should be reserved for low-stakes blogging and nothing more.