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Poster Designs for TV Series

Designing successful and interesting TV show posters might be tricky for designers when they have to make the decision of what images should represent the feeling or main selling points for a show. Many TV shows have relied on just showing the main character and the title of the show, but there are some who are still trying to make a more interesting design that relates to the contents of the show. The following are some examples that use the plot of the show as part of the design choices.

La Casa de Papel, aka Money Heist (terrible name translation in my opinion), is about a group of robbers who intend to make the perfect robbery inside the place where money is printed in Spain. The poster design very much reminiscent of a bill of currency in both style and colors.

Surely, most readers will know about Black Mirror in some way or another. The series is an anthology of non-sequential episodes taking place in a dystopian not-too-far future each making us scared of our phones and daily technology a little more each time around. The cracked phone screen image on the title poster is something most have unfortunately seen a some point, and that in itself recalls unpleasant memories sort of like a sample for prospective viewers.

There are many other shows that do this too, and are very interesting to look and find how they relate to the plot as we learn more through watching it.