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The New Yorker: An exemplar of elegant editorial design

Every Tuesday, I arm myself with a hot cup of coffee and head into the Gateway library to read the newest issue of the New Yorker magazine.  

For my money, the New Yorker is the shining gold standard of elegance in editorial design.  As I go through each issue, it’s an immersive aesthetic experience. There is a rhythm and flow to the magazine. It cuts out many of the unnecessary frills employed by competitors, and sticks to a well-honed layout.

The New Yorker’s refined design values are no fluke — it’s been in publication since 1925. Particularly, what I enjoy about the New Yorker is that it cuts right to the meat, which is the inspired writing, without many overly intrusive advertisements or superfluous design elements.  

They know what works, they know their audience, and they consistently deliver a polished and pleasurable product.  (Oh, and the cartoons are funny, too!)