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An AHA! Moment…with Surface Magazine

67COV_FallFash_silo2FIX.inddFor my AVT 313 Editorial Design class, I have been searching for a magazine to do a redesign of, but have not had any luck so far. I am trying to find a fashion magazine that is not too mainstream and at the same time is sort of, well, “bad.” So on this quest to find something “bad” that would intrigue me enough to work on it for the rest of the semester, I found something “good”, well great actually… Surface Magazine.

Surface is a “leading avant garde” American magazine with cutting-edge writers, wonderful photography, great design and bi-monthly circulation. It focuses mainly on fashion, design and architecture. It illustrates how beautifully type and image can coexist on paper and inspires the little designer in me to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE!

How could I have not heard of it until today? I certainly feel out of the loop.  This is one of those times when I feel as though I should pack up and move to New York straight away. Instead though, I think I’ll just subscribe to Surface and be a little more practical.