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Clients and Communication

Working with clients is one of the best and worst parts of being a designer. I enjoy listening to clients describe the things they are passionate about and want me to help them create design solutions for, but when it comes to receiving feedback from clients, as a designer you can be stuck waiting.

Since beginning my work as a graphic designer for the Office of Student Involvement, I have been able to work on multiple projects with various student organizations and offices. I often meet in person for an initial consultation and then continue to communicate via email with my clients, and sometimes they don’t respond in a timely manner. If there is one thing that I’ve learned about working with clients while at my job it’s that I need to be on top of communicating with them.

Like in any relationship, communication is key. Completing a project efficiently and with the least amount of revisions is about effective communication–everyone needs to be on the same page. As the designer you need to have the best idea possible as to what your client wants and the changes they need. It gets tricky when the client doesn’t know what they want; when this happens, it is important as a designer to be descriptive, but concise when explaining the options your client has. It also can be difficult waiting for your client to give you feedback on your latest design, but be patient.

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